Moiety of Opia

Case Notes #000453

Murder at Dawn

The following notes are scribbled on unrefined paper-bark

Case Notes #000453

Quick notes:

  • Body found at Eastern sewer gate of Dawn
    • Human Male
    • Red hair, blue eyes
    • Short stature, broad nose. Possible dwarven lineage.
    • No signet ring, but indent on wrist suggests signet band from one of the crafting guilds
    • Heavy knife impact to chest.
    • Wound bends internally, suggesting weapon was made of soft or inferior material.
    • Eyes missing.
    • Violent yet shallow scratching in eye sockets, suggested apparatus, human hands or similar under stress.
    • Body found face down by Dawn local wildlife.
    • Turned over by humanoid scavengers.
    • Side note: Cats, rarely remember things that don’t pertain to themselves. Dogs, rarely remember things, will make them up just to please you. Stick with cats for investigations more than day old.
    • Tattoo pattern on chest carved to hold blood from wound.
    • Clothed in rags similar to sewer vagrants. Hands are soft, fingernails kept short. Engineer, tinkerer or artisan.
  • Followed body trail up sewers
    • Sewer rats scared by large group of larger animals previous night
    • Sewer crocs forced away from large meal by larger meal
    • Vagrants saw torch light, heard minimum of 5 voices, armour glints visible
    • Trail ends at warded sewer gates to Palace walls, entrance monitored by High Enforcers
    • Blood trail tracked was flakes, blood was dry before body was moved.
  • Official Response
    • More effort to cover this one up in local enforcement branch. Old contacts are tight lipped.
    • Official statement claims victim fell on sewer grate and eyes were pecked out by birds when surfaced.
    • In other credible news I’m also the High Priest of Fenris Kul, bow to me mortals…
    • Similar to previous case #399, wound was in the back, but same vicinity to heart, similar tattoo scarring. Case shut down as I was dismissed by High Enforcers.

Scribbled on the back is a short note

Not much to go on for now my friend, I will investigate further upon my return. May the winds favour your journey.



Case Notes #000453
Deadlee Autobalanced

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