Moiety of Opia

Journal Entry, Russel Levack

To say I feel overwhelmed is an understatement. This is probably beyond me, and in feeling overwhelmed I am starting to make mistakes and lose my composure. Silly things. When you have a unstable killer, you should not provoke him directly. When events are unfolding that you cannot control, you should observe and wait. There is always a moment. Why step into a rushing river when the rain will soon ease and make your crossing safe? Patience is everything, I finally am beginning to understand some of those lessons at the College. Hopefully I haven’t damaged my reputation too much, although I suspect I have already given far too much away. I should take a leaf out of Sefu’s book and start meditation. I suppose this journal might help, too.
Dr Faraday’s house continues to be a beacon for trouble. Where is the news from the other agents about what is happening at the other beacons? What is going on here? I have the feeling that the old academy has a lot of information, but I doubt it has any true answers.
For some reason I can’t stop thinking about the airship crash in the mountains. It’s a strange hunch, but I can’t escape the feeling that the artefact smuggling and these new politicians are connected. Probably just my distrust of them, but all that money had to come from somewhere. They sprung up all of a sudden from the mines with these connections in Halcyon? I don’t buy it.
There are some very strange people in this town: Eisenheim, the sun vagrant. I suspect the old man was brought to town by his heirs in order to dispose of him, and therefore pass the legacy on and perhaps that involves these political changes, too. I regret getting involved in that. I have left my mark excessively on what is happening.
Perhaps Miles is leaning on me too much. I’m a spy, not a caretaker, although I suppose the Harpers didn’t really sell my presence to him in those terms.
Even so, if nobody else is stepping in to help me, what else am I to do? Why haven’t the Harper’s gotten back to me yet? Are they overwhelmed? Perhaps they’ll have some answers from the study of that second doctor’s workplace. I need to understand what is happening, but then what? A matador manipulates a bull with a red flag, but as far as I’m concerned it’s far safer for to be the man who simply waits for both of them to tire themselves out. Maybe I need to find a matador, just in case. Faraday did ask me to kill him if he got out of hand. What on earth do I make of that, anyway?
I need to focus. One task at a time. What is behind that door? It might not even be dangerous, and perhaps strange things are flocking to it for a different reason than what might be immediately apparent. That thinking is probably my way of convincing myself to open it, my curiosity being what it is.
What I know: it has something to do with Faraday family affairs, it is not the only one of its kind, it is designed to be opened at this time and it is a beacon for beings associated with evil gods.
It is probably quite dangerous.



Deadlee JohanChill

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