Moiety of Opia

Keeper of the Tome, Entry #487

The date is the 365th Day of our Lord Toma Thule, 42LA,

  • New herbal recipe:
    The addition of western seaweed to last weeks concoction renders cooking utensils almost entirely unusable but results in a favorable taste that should appeal to airship crew and captains. Side effects include mild to moderate hallucinations which should increase sale price. Keep this one in the high shelves away from Aiden’s children.
  • Tomorrow is the day of our Lord Toma Thule, it has been 42 years since he last graced our physical plane. His enemies continue to grow in the wake of his absence, however they still fail to think of any new plans outside of the usual “dominate all sentient beings” shit.
  • Vulture of Fenris Kul messed up my bookshelves. While this is hardly abnormal there certainly has been a lull in occult activity these past months. My investigation notes are attached:

Case #223:

  • Following the Vulture of Fenris Kul (unbeknownst at time) lead me to residence of Marcus Faraday, a local practitioner of medicinal arts. He introduced himself at the point of a shaving razor, not the smartest lad, but his reputation around town awarded him the benefit of doubt.
  • Further investigation found a picture of 6 individuals from the old College of Port Dolcet (In the possession of Marcus), 3 Arcane and 3 Divine. These corresponded to the giant beacon that happens to inhabit Mr Faraday’s garden box. This was being used as a meeting ground of the creatures of Fenris Kul (now known due to their human eyes) which sent Mr Faraday into some sort of Alchemical Rage (Still not sure what to make of this).
  • I have covered the beacon after much deliberation with Mr Faraday until the eve of our Lord, the power then dissipated. I have marked one of Fenris Kul’s minions in order to identify it later should the need arise.
  • Ongoing thoughts: Beacon was a mixture of Arcane and Divine energy. Was opened by Mr Faraday in ignorance, again, not the smartest lad. Beacon is either a summoning circle, a beacon for one of the men in the photo, and/or something to do with the Academy. Should consult records of the Academy in town, unfortunately most will still be in the Academy itself, may have to cash in some favours with the mayor.



Deadlee Autobalanced

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