Moiety of Opia

Russell Levack's Journal, Part One

Session 1

I am not sure what to make of that doctor, he seems on the level but just a tad too nervous for a surgeon. For now my suspicions are held in check by mutual goals and a general liking for the guy, we’ll see how it goes.
Sefu is a pretty intimidating guy. I like the way he operates though, I think we work well together. Is he Earth-touched? not sure. We managed to find the source of the petrifying artefact. There’s a broken airship up in the hills that had a few scavengers picking over it that we had to deal with. Probably got lost in the mist and hit the mountain, which sounds like a hard thing to do until you can’t see past your nose. We had to leave a crippled troll stuck in the ground there, which I feel a bit shit about, but he’s a strong sort so I am sure he’ll wedge his way out. He started it anyway, so it could have turned out worse for him.
Those teenagers that hang out at the inn are apparently pure evil, one of Sefu’s many useful talents is being able to discern auras. I’ve seen a few use similar powers, but not for some time. The kids were playing magic instruments in a cave out of town. It’s creepy and something to investigate.
Miles has his skirts in a knot about the fair tomorrow. Might be a flop, but I hope it’s not. The villagers need some good fortune. I wish we could have sorted out the merfolk first. The goblin with the Medusa wand is still out there, too. So many things could go wrong.
Henry led the only survivor of the crash back to town, I am starting to wonder if that was a mistake. I don’t have time to find him now, I need some rest. Maybe that strange tattooed man knows something about the wizard’s tower… although he was loitering around Faraday’s house.
I should have checked in on Faraday. I understand why Henry and his lot didn’t like those vultures. What’s he hiding under that house? Bet those taxmen would love to have a snoop around in that place. Fuckers. Might just throw them in front of whatever’s coming. Better them than the rest of us, right?
OK, the myrtlewort’s kicking in. Tower looks dark from here. Moving pictures, that’s something to see.


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