Moiety of Opia

Sefu Tau and the troll hunting expedition

The curious case of the musical grotto and the aircraft bandits!

*(The Following Should be Read in a 1920’s Radio Announcer Voice) *
Following Doc Faraday’s whimsical departure, Sefu and Russel continued west along the aqueduct. On their journey they were side-tracked by eerie music from a nearby cave. Utilising their superior stealth skills they surreptitiously spied upon a suspicious scene.
The villainous pianist they had previously encountered at the inn, was being melodically solicited by two equally deviant local youths. Russel recognised the sinister serenade to be the malicious music of the Machiavellian ministries. However, after watching for some time and with nothing more to go on than these reprehensible rhythms, Sefu and Russel left the contemptible concert to pursue their original goal.
Further up the aqueduct, they realised, once again the water had stopped running. Concerned that the diminishing deluge was a small part in the pattern of some perverse plan, they resolved to investigate.
Retracing his step to where Sefu had left the toppled troll, Sefu and Russel encountered and approached an accosted aeronaut and apprehended to his appeals. The stratospheric shipman had survived the crash of his ship, but the rest of the crew and his vessel had become vexed by villains.
Sefu and Russel made their way to site of the beleaguered balloon and engaged a truncated troll and his tedious team in combat. Emerging as the victors, Sefu and Russel were left at the scene with a trussed troll torso and a downed dirigible. What will happen next?!


Deadlee Jcat8355

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