Moiety of Opia

The musings of Sefu Tau

There are many questions piling up. There are not so many answers. Either this town is under siege from a great many attackers at once, or the one enemy is coming from many different directions.
Who has poisoned this girl? What vile magic has caused her condition? Why has this been done? Is she indeed evil, or is it that my auguries have detected the magic within her?
Who has been blocking the aqueduct and for what purpose?
Who are these petrified men? Did one of the men destroy his colleagues? Why? Where has he gone? What is the strange noise box on his person?
What are the mountain folk doing with these magical items?
Who brought down the airship and why?
What is the nature of the mysterious door in Dr Faraday’s yard?
Will the troll make it to the monastery of the Open Palm? Will he find happiness? What is his name?
I have the distinct impression that all this (with the exception of the troll) is in some way tied in with today’s festival and perhaps to the mayor as well. I do not trust this Miles Barton, something is amiss with him. He disguises his intentions but for what purpose? Is it merely political machinations or something more?
I find myself now a part of a coterie. We are a mismatched affair.
Russel Levack; I trust his intentions but his caprice may prove dangerous. Having an understanding of musical enchantment, he seems uniquely qualified to deal with the situation with the girl but his relationship with the mayor may cloud his judgments upon the man.
The Doctor by contrast to Russel appears to be stable in nature, although his science is not. He utilises forces that I do not believe he fully understands. Yet he applies them callously with the unshaking hand of one who finds justification in the ends and not the means. Such men become heroes or monsters. Time will show which.
Ulric. I would describe him as cantankerous.


Genius. +150 exp

The musings of Sefu Tau
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