Since the founding of Halcyon City Opia has adopted a new point of reference for their legal calendar, ignoring the former Divine calendar that end on the last day of Spring in the 64th Year of Tulis, which even during its operation was considered inefficient and confusing.


The ‘Cynosure Calendar’ centers around the dawn of the first day of Summer, where the continental rift between the western border of Wedgemore and eastern border of Billige reached the southern coast of Knavesmire, completely dividing the landmass from its former continent in the event known as The Sundering. The Cynosure Calender refers to all Dates before the event as “BS” (Before Solidarity) and after “AS” (After Separation).
Trivia: The term “That’s BS” doubles as both “That is Bullshit” and “That was before Solidarity” meaning either it was a lie, or simply does not matter.

The Cynosure Calendar:

  • One 360 day Year.
  • Four 90 day seasons.
  • Twelve 30 day months.
  • Twenty Four hours per Day.

The date of Day 1 of Session 1 will be 30/11/19AS


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